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About HCNC Ningbo Hanchen Numerical Control Cutting Tool Manufacturing Co.Ltd (HCNC) is capable of producing and selling turing and milling tools of a vaiety. HCNC is assemblaged of almost a hundred employees from R&D department、production department、quality-control department、sales department etc.,dedicating to provide products of outstanding quality and intimate service. With advanced equipments such as five-axis machining center、groups of processing center and CNC lathe、high-acuity inspection facilities,we are capable of offering both standard and customized products of cutting tools such as external turning,internal turning,threading,parting and grooving,milling,hole machining and corresponding parts and much more. For years,we have been cooperating with well-known enterprises and have successfully developed series of general turning inserts、threading inserts、parting and grooving inserts for steels and stainless steel machining. Established upon the principles of ‘Precision, Persistence and Progression’, our group strives with effort and conquered trusts and applauses from the clients, and had the productive quality and quantity won our place in the forefront in the tool market. We sincerely expect your visit.
2 Two bases
Nearly 10000 m2 Covered area
135 Employees
HCNC History
2002,HCNC was established,located in Haishu District,Ningbo City.
2004,after 2 years of research,inspection and strictly test,HCNC
launched a whole series of high-quality cutting tools as the firsts
one in domestic market.
Meanwhile,head sales company was established in Ningbo.
2005,HCNC became a strategic partner of Zhuzhou Cemented
carbide cutting tool Co.ltd(ZCCCT),and also the biggest distributor of
2006,HCNC set up a branch office in Wenling,and in the meantime
our selling network covers most cities in east coast of China.
HCNC started cooperating with world-famous tool brands(such as
Kyocera、Tungaloy、Sandik、Mitsubishi etc.) .
2012,since significant progress had been made after 10 years of
efforts,our manufacturing base relocated in Gaoqiao Town,
Haishu District,Ningbo,covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters.
2013,HCNC set up the selling department espeically for the clients
overseas and started international market as far as America、
Europe、India and Malaysia.
Research&Development Department R&D department:a young team composed of engineers from digital control specialty,automation specialty and computer specialty.They are young,energetic,professional and capable of providing customized processing scheme for our clients.
Quality Control Department Every manufacturing procedure from raw material purchasing to ultimate delivery,HCNC guarantees the quality.Our distinctive clamping system can effectively
reduce the abrasion of inserts and raise the efficiency.
Every single piece of HCNC cutting tool has been certified to meet the standards of Quality Management system of ISO9001:2015.